Agile Project Management with Atlassian and Tempo



Join this webinar to learn how Agile Project Management is easy with Atlassian and Tempo toolsets. Senior consultant Morgan Folsom shows how combining the two allows you to seamlessly manage your projects and portfolios in one place.

Wednesday, April 17th at 11:00am CT! 

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    Wednesday, April 17th at 11:00am CT!

    Get ready to learn about how to seamlessly (and efficiently) manage your projects and portfolios in one place. In this webinar, Praecipio Consulting’s Senior Consultant Morgan Folsom shares her extensive knowledge on how to manage projects and portfolios by using both Atlassian and the Tempo toolset.

    In this webinar expect to learn:

    • Agile concepts

    • Common Agile mistakes (and how to avoid them)
    • Introduction to the Tempo Suite
    • Using the Tempo Suite in an Agile way

    In an increasingly agile world where 'agile' is more than just a buzzword, Morgan provides insights from her client engagements - including common mistakes when teams are trying to be more agile, and she shares tips on how to avoid them.